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Brown vintage distressed fight club leather jacket

  • Premium Quality Real Distressed Leather.
  • Customize size for best fit.
  • Strong Metallic Zips.
  • Front Zip closure.
  • Two pockets on waist

Brown vintage distressed fight club leather jacket

Don’t you want to compromise on your look? Then, Brown vintage distressed fight club leather jacket is for you. This distressed leather motorcycle jacket gets refined for a unique style. Bran Pitt has a fantastic personality. Well, he wore the fight club jacket in the movie Fight Club while playing the character of Tyler Durden. No doubt, everyone got crazy about that look. Though, you may find yourself like your favorite star. Yet, leave an impression wherever you go.


Don’t go for seasonal outfits. However, this distressed leather biker jacket is the perfect outfit for all year round. Well, it’s durability increases with the asymmetric cuts and the high-quality stitch. This jacket will add a luxurious look with comfort, particularly when it’s cold. Also, you can’t go wrong with a biker jacket regardless of the weather.


Moreover, a distressed brown leather motorcycle jacket designed using 100% Pure Leather. It has a front zipper closure with a metallic zip. Moreover, the two waist pockets are enough to keep your hands warm. This jacket designed according to your measurements or selected from the mentioned sizing chart.


Brown color related with an adventurous spirit. When you wear a brown vintage distressed leather jacket, you exude stability. A distressed leather motorcycle jacket portrays you as a stable and humble personality. Well, a distressed leather bomber jacket gave you a smarter and organized look. Additionally, distressed leather biker jackets are more casual. Yet this jacket is a perfect everyday outfit.